Friday, 4 February 2011

Knit Creative

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Hey guys,

Knit can be high fashion, original and beautiful. You can go way beyond garter stitch scarfs and cardies knitted by all the lovely old biddies in their tapestry chairs. There are thousands of stitches, yarns and materials you can work with.
Think outside the box:
- If you are knitting with a yarn, choose larger needles than recommended to get holey stitches
- Knit with anything! Strip up fabric and make your own spools as an alternative
- Be inspired - take photos of textures, landscapes or whatever inspires you and think of ways you can transform the image into knit stitches
This is how you can create something original. So get creative!!

As you know, I've started my knit elective at uni. I have found a real love for the knitting machines, it's opened up a whole range of inspiration for me, plus it holds the benefit of being able to knit a whole row in the time of hand knitting one stitch!
Here are two of the fabrics I've been working on:

This sample was inspired by a piece of metal line art, but i can't upload the picture! Sorry! 

This is a type of ladder stitch - it is created by selecting groups of needles on the machine with a Half Cardigan stitch.

My design on the right uses this stitch on the bodice.

It's absolutely stunning!! It will be featuring in my S/S 11 collection for sure!

Also inspired by the same photograph (that i can't upload!), this sample is knitted on a single bed - as you would hand knit - with selected needles of the front bed selected to knit the yarn.

The zig-zag lines are created by using the 'Racking Handle'. A little lever you use to move the needles left and right as you knit!

Recommended Read

For stitch inspiration, 'The Art of Knitting' by Thames & Hudson is perfect.
It shows you an image of a texture e.g. sand on a beach, then on the next few pages show photographs of stitches which reflect the texture in the image, almost teaching you the first part in the fashion design process!
The pictures are beautiful and all of the wonderful stitches will inspire you to pick up those knitting needles and practise, practise!
Here are a few images from the book:

Featured Stitch - Purl Loop

This is a gorgeous stitch and is fairly easy to do, so here's how you do it!

You will need:
- Double knitting yarn
- 10mm needles

- Cast on
- (Pattern for every row) Yarn over (wrap the yarn around the needle above your first stitch), Purl into the wrapped stitch and your first stitch together. So repeat, yarn over, P2tog.

Have a go! Would love to see what you all come up with, let me know how you get on!

Next time, i will be doing my first outfit post! Ahh, excited. 
I found a few amazing vintage knits in charity shops up here and can't wait to show them off. So keep a look out :)

Thanks for reading and keep knitting!



  1. Wow, great post! Those knits are beautiful, can't wait for your S/S collection :)

  2. Aw that sounds like such an interesting elective, I wish I could knit. I know how but nothing I do ever turns out the way I hoped it would. Looking forward to seeing what you make x

  3. Ooohhh they are so pretty - knitting is like another language to me tho...better teach me some day missy!

  4. knitting for me is a talent..great sharing on the subject matter..i look forward to your works and definitely follow you now! =) do check out mine too =) xoxo Cheryl